Stress Management

Workplace stress is an important factor affecting the productivity of employees. Work-related stress is considered harmful when physical and emotional responses occur when there is a mismatch between job requirements and the workers’ capabilities, resources or needs.

Workplace stress has been cited as the business world’s “Silent Killer’, as it quietly wrecks employee morale, engagement and productivity. Ironically, research shows a strong correlation between workplace stress and chronic health conditions such as cancer, diabetes and cardiac disease which are non-communicable diseases that have also been termed silent killers.

With preventable health conditions rising to epidemic levels in Nigeria, a weakening health system and a slowing economy, smart employers are looking for fresh ways to engage their population to increase and encourage healthy behaviours and reduce unnecessary costs.

Better health makes us better at everything. However, the steps to good health look different for each person, company and community. That’s why we created this platform that centres on the unique needs and goals of your organization. has developed a proprietary process which helps you understand your population, personally engage each individual and manage outcomes for improved health. We take a prescriptive, yet flexible approach to population stratification, user engagement, behaviour modification and business analytics.

It is no longer considered enough to cover your employees on a HMO plan or having retainers with several health providers, in case they fall ill. Having an employee wellness programme is now considered best business practice as global research shows that companies that invest in wellness programmes get a return of three times the amount they put in.

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